10 May 2014

Advertising With Us

Thank you for your interest in the many advertising opportunities offered by VIP Effect. Our site is an excellent niche for restaurant, night club, bar and lounge advertisement. In addition, we are a great niche for companies in beauty, fashion, health/fitness, automobile/luxury transportation, hospitality, liquor industries and a lot others.

VIP Effect provides the opportunity to connect advertising messages with Oklahoma residents and visitors who are actively planning how to spend their money and time. Our advertising campaigns focus on building your brand’s reputation, increasing awareness, increasing traffic, and getting you results.

Why VIP Effect

– Content
VIP Effect features both informative and entertaining content, which engages our visitors and results in many of them returning again and again.
Benefit: Engaging content continues to increase our traffic, generating more views for your ads. Returning visitors will see your ads again and again, and will be more likely to take interest in them.

– Reach
VIP Effect features local venues in the most populated urban areas of Oklahoma and surrounding states. In the near future, we will be expanding our reach into other states.
Benefit: Exposure where it matters – your product or service will receive localized exposure across the entire US. Localized exposure builds a closer relationship with your customer.

– Audience
VIP Effect’s audience is comprised of men and women, in the age group of 21 and up professionals seeking local entertainment residing in the city of Oklahoma and its surroundings. They enjoy all forms of entertainment such as bars and night clubs, restaurants, art galleries and fashion shows. Most of our visitors are looking for ideas to spend their discretionary income. This makes us an ideal place to advertise.
Benefit: Our visitors are looking to learn and try new things, and are likely to be interested in your products or services.

– Visibility
VIP Effect’s banner ads are located in prominent spots on the site, allowing maximum visibility without being disruptive to our visitors.
Benefit: Your product or service will receive prominent placement on our site, drawing visitor’s attention without being obtrusive or annoying.

– Versatility
VIP Effect offers several locations for banner ads. Ad durations can be customized. Affordable in-house design services are available.
Benefit: Your ad campaign can be customized based on your budget, ad type, and duration. We will work together with you to develop and execute your ad campaign.

Contact Us

If you would like to advertise with us please contact us or click here and we will find a way to help you. Please include your name, email address and a brief description of what your company does.

We look forward to working together and helping you achieve your desired results.

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