10 May 2014


We’ve put together a Q&A section to help you answer any of the questions you may have. If your question is not answered in this section, please contact us directly and we’ll be glad to help.

Q: What is VIP Effect?
A: VIP Effect is a nightlife guide to all the hottest nightspots, giving you the chance to see the venue before you visit it in person.

Q: Do I have to pay or register?
A: Not at all. You can browse all of our venues for free without any memberships. You will need to register to leave a comment or rate a venue.

Q: How can I find a venue?
A: The easiest way is to use the search field and enter the venue’s name, the city it is in, or the state. You can also browse venues by most popular city and by state.

Q: Which venues are the best?
A: There are many outstanding venues to choose from, so it really depends on personal preference. Music choice, atmosphere, vibe, ambiance and budget all play a role in picking a club that’s right for you and your party.

Q: I’m searching for a venue and I can’t find it.
A: We’re constantly working on adding more venues on our site. If the venue you’re searching for does not have a profile on Video Nightlife, you can contact us and suggest us the venue.

Q: The venue I found on your site is no longer open.
A: While we try to keep our database up to date, some venues do come and go. If you find a venue on our site that is no longer open, please let us know. We’ll confirm it with management and remove the profile accordingly.

Q: The graphics on the site is not working correctly. What can I do?
A: We suggest using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari for the best viewing experience.

Q: There is a technical error on the site
A: If you would like to report a technical problem, please contact us.

Q: Do I have to log in to post my feedback or a comment?
A: In order to cut down on spam and trolling, we require people to log in before posting their feedback.

Q: I found a photo of myself on your site that has been uploaded without my permission. What can I do?
A: Our privacy is very important to us. If you’ve found a photo of yourself that has been uploaded without your permission and you would like us to remove it, please contact us and we will remove that photo for you.

Q: I’m a venue owner and would like to setup a profile for my venue on VIP Effect. How do I go about that?
A: We’re glad to have your interest. We have several profile options available. Please take a look at our Profiles page to learn more about these.

Q: I’m interested in advertising on VIP Effect. How can I learn more about it?
A: We have great advertising opportunities that help our advertisers achieve their objectives and improve your results. You can learn more about these opportunities on our Advertise With Us page.

Q: My question hasn’t been answered on this page. What can I do?
A: If your question hasn’t been answered here, we can answer it for you directly. Please contact us and we’ll be able to help you out directly.

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