22 August 2014

Midtown and Plaza

Midtown is the area roughly bounded by 4th Street to the south, I-235 to the east, 22nd Street to the north, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the west. Central Midtown is the area south of N.W. 13th Street, and north of 6th Street between Robinson and Classen.
Like much of the inner city, Midtown is also experiencing a renaissance of its own as the city cleans out the blight and decay and replaces it with upscale urban amenities.
The Plaza is located off of NW 16th Street between Classen Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave.
Today, the Plaza District is a neighborhood commercial district boasting Oklahoma City’s local arts flavor and is home to art galleries, studios, retail shops, restaurants, and creative services. Several local businesses in this area are owned by young, creative entrepreneurs.

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