10 May 2014

Small Budget and Like to Party


It is easy to lose track of how much money you are spending at the bar. Going out every weekend could be costly, but if you really enjoy doing it, here are some tips that could help you reduce the money you spend.

1. Drink Before Going

A way to save some cash is to start drinking at your house or at your friend’s house. We know that the drinks in these clubs are very expensive and drinking at your house will not only save you some cash, but will also start getting you in the mood for the club and will help you loosen up.
Under no circumstances should you drink and drive. We know the reason you are reading this article is to save some cash but if you drink and drive there is a very high risk for you to get involved in an accident. You can also get a citation with a fine up to $1000. Have a designated driver who can drive you safely and without putting people’s lives in danger or call a taxi. You will not be able to have fun at the club, if you never get there.

2. Avoid Cover Fees

Dodging the cover fees are a way to start saving money right from the beginning; even if someone doesn’t want to drink all night, the cover charge makes them pay anyway. Look for clubs with no cover charge and this way you can save some money. This is probably one reason some people like to go to bars where there is no cover charge.
You should check the club’s website, the club’s profile within this website located under the nightlife section, or you can also look under the weekly event section to find out the club’s happy hour. For those who don’t know, “Happy Hour” is the time where the club has a special offers or discounts and drinks have special deals. If you have a friend who works at a club, send your friend a text a couple of hours before you head out to the club and ask your friend if they can put you on their guest list. Most of the clubs allow their staff members to put their friends on their guest list.

3. Pick Your Drink

As mentioned above, try to find out the happy hour and drinks specials from clubs and bars and take advantages of these deals. Another option for those who like beer, it is to order beer instead of mixed drinks. It is cheaper and you can save some cash. However, if you really like mixed drinks, then try to choose from the drinks specials. Another way is to limited the number of drinks that you order per night, obviously the less you order the less you pay. For those who do not know you can also order non-alcoholic drinks at clubs. The fact that you are in the club and everybody is drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you cannot drink some non-alcoholic drinks that night and save some money for later or another night.

4. Large Group, Big Discount

If you have a large group of friends, then you might be able to get some discounts from clubs. What you need to do is to contact the manager of a club in advance and let them know that you and all your friends decided to go out that night, then attempt to arrange a discount bottle price or ask if you can buy a bottle or get a table for the night instead of paying a cover fee. Sometimes a bottle of alcohol is cheaper than buying many mixed drinks. Try to split the cost with your friends!

5. Carry Cash and Leave Your Credit Card at the House

Cash is almost always the better choice for going out on a budget. Credit and debit cards give you access to spend more money than you intend to by giving you easy access to more money. Just as cards encourage overpaying for one item, they also allow you to buy more items than you mean to.
So what can you do to avoid this? Only carry enough cash to buy a few drinks for the night. This is the best way to control your money and still have some drinks within your budget. It is easy to give up keeping track of how much has been spent that night. Then when the monthly statement comes, it’s far too late to do any good. With cash, you have a better control of how much money you spent and you can restrict yourself before spending too much. Hope some of these tips can help, go out and have a great time within your budget.

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