29 July 2014

Tips for getting better service at the bar


People like going out with their friends and having a great time. Some people like going to bars and clubs to enjoy a conversation with an old friend, dancing, and meeting new people… but sometimes these places are crowded and at one point you might ask yourself “I need a drink, but what do I need to do to get a drink here?”

After talking with some friends who work in this industry, we found out some unwritten rules that will help the relationship between the bartender and the partygoers.

Make sure you read and understand the following rules:

• Do not disrespect the bartender!
If you want to look like you have some class, make sure you don’t ever raise your hand, whistle, wave money or credit cards, snap your fingers, or yell out the bartender’s name. This is very disrespectful. Also make sure you have your money ready, the bartender and everybody else is waiting on you.

• Order all your drinks at the same time!
If you go out in groups during the weekend, try ordering your drinks all at once. Your bartender is going to appreciate it since one of their goals is to get you a drink as quickly and efficiently as possible. Have you ever been swamped at work and seems like you’ll never catch up? This is an example of most bartenders on a Saturday night. They try their hardest to get your drink so you can have a good time.

• Know what you’re going to drink!
Before heading out or while you are on your way, you should have an idea of what you like to drink or an idea of what to start your night with. If the bartenders are busy that night, sometimes they don’t have the to guide you to your favorite drink. So before heading out to the club or the bar, you should know what you like to drink to make it easy on the bartenders.

• Ask the bartender!
If you still don’t know what to order you can ask the bartender and sometimes they can help you decide. We suggest getting there early when the bartenders are not too busy and they can create something just for you. Depending on how busy bartenders are, some bartenders have special drinks on their mind, or they can mix a couple of ingredients and give you a nice quality cocktail. If they are really busy, you should know at least what can of liquor you want or ask your friends what they are having and figure out what you want.

• Be patient!
All of the bartenders we have spoken with have said this. Again, there is no reason to waive your money around, snap at anyone, and do not absolutely do not whistle at the bartender, they are not dogs. As long as a guest is patient and polite, they’ll always get service with a smile.

• Do not ask the bartender to make it strong or put more liquor in it, unless you are willing to pay more!
What seems like a harmless request, really makes it seem like you are telling the bartender that they are not doing their job right in your eyes. Bartenders pour you a standard amount of alcohol and if you want more alcohol, you can order a double. Remember: venues will charge you extra for extra alcohol.

• Remember to tip!
Make sure you tip your bartender. Some bartenders suggested to tip like you would tip in a restaurant: between 15%-20%. Others have also suggested to at least tipping $1 per drink. We also need to mention that tipping does not involve leaving your nickels and pennies on the tipping jar. Bartenders also need to pay bills.

• Tip heavy!
A great way to get a bartender’s attention is to make eye contact and the very first time you order a drink at the bar, tip them very, very well. This way, the next time you go, the bartender will recognize you and you will be the first person they aim for. Bartenders recognize those who tip over a certain percentage. Not only that, but you can also make a new friend. So make sure you tip!

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