10 May 2014

Don’t Wait in Line – 5 Nightclub Tips


Don’t you hate calling your friends, planning out the night and trying to get ready so you can head out to the club and enjoy yourselves, but once you get there you realize that everybody is out too, and you are stuck waiting in a long line.
It looks like you don’t have any other options other than just waiting in line for a long time. This can make it feel like all the effort you put to get there was worthless. Waiting outside the club can quickly make you lose the fun and the desire of being there to party and have a great time.

Below, I will list some tips that might help you avoid waiting in line next time you go out.

1. Getting There Early

This may sound an obvious tip, but getting there early will not only guarantee you to get inside the club, but most of the times you will not have to wait in line at all. Here in Oklahoma we suggest arriving at a club at least before 10pm. Getting there early will also help you get to know the doorman and the bartenders. At this time they are not that busy and will be more willing to have a conversation and make new friends. Getting to be friendly with the club’s staff is important and may be in your favor if you ever want to go into that club again.

2. Know the Staff

If you know somebody who works at a nightclub, try to contact your friend before arriving to the club. This is a great idea, because your friend will have more access to get you in and could tell a bouncer to help you get in faster (note: this only works sometimes!)
Furthermore, your friend can also put your name down on their list and you could be able to get in free. Remember that even if you are on the list, you need to make it to the club before a certain time to be able to get in free.
For those of you who do not know the staff in the club or if it is your first time there, remember to get there early, be social and talk to the staff try becoming a regular. This way the staff will remember you next time and you will not be just another average person in the club.

3. Be Friends With the Doorman

It doesn’t matter who you are or if your name is on the VIP list, to get inside the club you need to go through the doorman. He is the one who will let you in or kick you out. The doorman has heard all kind of excuses and threats. One of the most important rules when dealing with the doorman is do NOT anger a doorman or you will never see the inside the club. It doesn’t matter if you waited one hour or one minute on the line outside, never be rude to the doorman if you want to have a chance to see the inside of the club. Getting upset at the doorman for any reason is not worth it. They’re only doing their job, and if you help them make it easier by not starting any fights, they will remember you another day.

4. Mix Up Your Group

It is always recommended to hang out with a group of men and women when you are heading out to the club. Although there is nothing wrong with a large group of men going to the club, it is always a good idea to bring a couple of female friends with you. For those who never went out with a female friend, I would say that you are missing out. Girls are always on the mood to party, have fun, enjoy the night and have a good time. Club owners want nice looking girls in their club who can attract men. Where there are women, men will follow and will also spend more of their money. At the end of the night, any nightclub is just a business wanting to make more money.

5. Dress Well, but Don’t Dress Up

Remember to follow the club’s dress code or the doorman will not let you in. You can find the club’s dress code on the club’s website or on this website. Just go to the nightlife section and select the club you want. Then scroll down until you find the dress code for that particular club. When you go there, you don’t have to be the fanciest person in the room, but you do need to look your best. Club owners want people in their club who fit the club style.

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